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Transformation Story: How Drinking 4 Litres of Water Daily Helped Kriti Gupta Lose 40 Kg in 10 Months

Transformation Story: How Drinking 4 Litres of Water Daily Helped Kriti Gupta Lose 40 Kg in 10 Months

Kriti Gupta, a lawyer, recounts her weight loss journey with a mix of frustration and triumph. “One thing that continues to bother me is the prevalence of body shaming and the questioning of one’s professional capabilities,” she remarks. For 27 years, Kriti endured mockery, unsolicited advice, and bullying about her weight. Surprisingly, none of it motivated her to change; instead, it fueled her rebellious streak. “I repeatedly reassured myself that I was fine just as I was,” she recalls.

The turning point came during her professional career. A comment from her former boss, who mocked her physical fitness, ignited a determination within her to shed excess weight. “He openly questioned my ability to handle court-related work, pointing out my exhaustion when I arrived at his office,” Kriti remembers with disdain.

Transformation Story

To address these challenges, Kriti began her fitness journey with regular walks alongside a supportive friend. “I’ve always needed that extra push to stay consistent,” she admits. Starting slowly, she gradually built her stamina. “Progress was gradual, but I always felt like I was playing catch-up compared to my peers,” she reflects.

Kriti’s perspective on body positivity underwent a significant shift during her journey. Initially misunderstanding it, she now emphasizes the importance of fitness alongside self-acceptance. “I never truly understood the concept until I embarked on my fitness regimen,” she admits. Now, Kriti advocates for embracing one’s body while striving for fitness and health.

A key part of her dietary changes was hydration. “Drinking 3 to 4 litres of water daily was crucial,” Kriti explains. Incorporating herbal concoctions like ajwain and jeera water helped curb hunger pangs. Coupled with a diet focused on moderation and the elimination of junk food, her regimen also included regular exercise.

Unlike many who struggle with direction in their fitness routines, Kriti was clear about her goals. “I focused on building muscle mass through strength training and shedding fat with cardio,” she clarifies. Her approach centered on the 80-20 rule, prioritizing diet as the key to maintaining weight while complementing it with effective workouts.

Reflecting on her journey, Kriti acknowledges her mistakes. “I pushed myself too hard on days when rest was needed,” she admits, emphasizing the importance of listening to her body’s cues.

After overcoming a weight-loss plateau with intermittent fasting, Kriti discovered her newfound capability in running marathons, a testament to her perseverance. Her diet evolved through experimentation, ultimately finding balance with the guidance of a knowledgeable trainer.

Her structured diet plan included chia seeds soaked in water before breakfast, followed by a balanced meal plan throughout the day. Each meal was strategically timed to maintain energy levels and avoid hunger pangs, supplemented by hydration techniques like jeera water.

Kriti’s journey underscores the transformative power of persistence, self-awareness, and a balanced approach to health and fitness. Her story serves as an inspiration to many navigating similar challenges in their own lives.

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